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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lady Luck, I'm sorry, I REALLY want you back...

This is the latest picture of me this Saturday afternoon:

I cannot believe the kind of luck I am getting from the picks, but I am more pissed off that this week it is not down to a great goal, or a bad defensive mistake, but dumb referees and linesmen who cannot do their simple jobs right.

I knew I should have listened to Lady Luck more often, but she has deserted me and left me with this mess:

Everton v Liverpool (Pick Over 2.5 Goals): Chances at both ends early and it looks set to be an exciting game with a few goals to boot UNTIL the referee inexplicably kills all of Everton's momentum by sending off Jack Rodwell for a tackle where he cleanly won the ball and barely touched Luis Suarez.

An absolutely scandalous decision that put the pick immediately in jeopardy, but then 'Lady Luck' decided to tease me: Liverpool missed a penalty and hit the underside of the bar before half time... They then proceed to score two goals before hitting the inside of the post in the last 2 minutes and there was even time for a possible penalty for Everton.

Blackburn v Man City (Pick Sergio Aguero to score anytime): He starts but is injured after 26 minutes and has to come off... City then proceed to score 4 times and Samir Nasri, who replaced Aguero, is on the scoresheet.

Wolves v Newcastle (Pick Draw): Wolves start of terribly, go 0-2 down at half time and I think the pick is dead... Lady Luck, but mainly the officials, decide to make sure it stays dead.

First Wolves are given a free kick when the incident supposedly occured 2 yards INSIDE the box- so the referee thought it was a foul but couldn't see the player was inside the box.

Wolves pull a goal back late and then score the equaliser... Until 'Lady Luck' decides to screw me again as the linesman thinks the ball has gone off first, a decision being criticised on the BBC and on Sky immediately after it happens... Gee thanks, just wish I had a job where I could completely cock something up and still get paid and possibly promoted a week later.

Now I am not one for whining when things are going wrong, but this kind of crap has been going on for far too long so I want to issue an apology:

Lady Luck, I am truly sorry for thinking I don't need you, but I am lost without and you and will never mess with you again. Tonight I will take you out for a slap up meal, drive you into town for the movie YOU want to watch, and organise a full spa day for you and your best friend.

It's been 6 weeks, I miss you.

(Apology to you guys who have taken these picks, it's been a rough time for all of us and just looking for the Sunday games and American Football picks to recover this week).

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