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Saturday, 30 April 2011

NBA Play Off Semi Finals

So the 1st Round is over and while there were not so many surprise results in the overall series winners, there were a number of exceptional games and it was one of the best 1st Rounds the NBA has had in some time.

The biggest surprise of all was one of the biggest surprises in the NBA history as the Memphis Grizzlies defeated San Antonio in 6 games (should have finished it in 5 in all honesty). While it was a surprise in the fact a Number 8 beat the Number 1 seed in the West, it was a match up the Grizzlies liked, tanking games to ensure they played the Spurs rather than the Lakers.

The Lakers and Bulls were surprisingly pushed to the absolute limits by the Hornets and Pacers respectively, but both came through and are now the top 2 seeds in their respective Conferences.

Boston came through easily against the Knicks after 2 scares at home, Miami did what they had to do and now we have one of the most eagerly anticipated series to come.

Congratulations also to Oklahoma City (my dark horse), Atlanta and Dallas who make up the last 8 teams left.

Eastern Conference Semi Finals
Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks: The Bulls dominated the last two games in the regular season between the teams and are matching up to the Hawks in a much better fashion than the Pacers. Carlos Boozer should be more of a factor while the defence is capable of shutting down the Atlanta team. The Hawks would really have to play to the limit to win this series, but I can't see that happening.

I expect the Hawks will get a win, maybe two, but

Chicago Bulls to win in 5 and progress to the Finals

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics: The biggest win Miami may have had in the regular season could be the win over Boston in the final weeks of the season for two reasons; one, they proved they can beat the Celtics after losing the 3 other regular season games... two, they get home court advantage over this series.

Wow, this series is going to be good. The loss of Kendrick Perkins made the Celtics a little easier to play for Miami, but the Celtics still hold the edge in the starting line up... Just.

The Heat role players have to have an impact in the series and cannot rely on the 'Big Three' to do it all themselves. Erik Spoelstra also has to get Dwyane Wade involved and making an impact in these games, while the players must concentrate at all times and not allow themselves to fall behind by sleeping through any of the 48 minutes.

Doc Rivers will look to Rajon Rondo to show his superiority over Mike Bibby or Mario Chalmers at the PG position, while he has to be happy with his own 'Big Three' after their road performances against the Knicks.

Tough series to predict but I think the

Miami Heat come through a tough tough series in 7 Games.

Western Conference Semi Finals
LA Lakers v Dallas Mavericks: Both of these veteran teams must feel they can win this series, but it is the Lakers who dominated the Mavs in the late regular season and I think they have enough talent to come through here.

The Lakers played a lot better in the last two games of their series with the New Orleans Hornets and also could hold the edge with home court advantage, especially considering Dallas' 3-18 road record in the Play Offs.

Dallas will make the Lakers play hard, but I just feel the

Lakers come through in 6 Games

Oklahoma City Thunder v Memphis Grizzlies: Everyone in Oklahoma City must have been thinking they will have to beat the San Antonio Spurs to make the Finals in the West, but they cannot afford to take the Grizzlies lightly after losing 3-1 in the regular season.

Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph will both make things tough, but the x-factor could be Kendrick Perkins who was not in the line up for any of the regular season games for the Thunder.

As long as Russell Westbrook remembers Kevin Durant is on his side, the Thunder should come through, but expect a tough series from the Grizzlies.

I expect the Oklahoma City Thunder in 6 tough games.

It has been a great Play Offs so far, and I am expecting a lot more... even if it is only from the Heat-Celtics games. The Chicago-Atlanta series looks the one with the least drama, but the other 3 should produce some really good games and I am definitely looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Who was the Greatest- Eric Cantona or Roy Keane?

Over the last month or so, Manchester United released a poll to determine who is the greatest player in United's long and illustrious history (these seem to come out twice a year in more recent years).

The latest player to be bestowed with the honour was Ryan Giggs, but I put that down to all the media attention the Welshman has received over the last 12 months as he comes into the twilight of his career.

Ryan Giggs has been a brilliant servant for the club, but has always been overshadowed by at least one other player in the team and for that reason alone I would dismiss him as the Number 1 player in United's history.

Giggs has had some extreme performances- when he is bad, he looks terrible, but at his brilliant best he had some memorable performances, most notably to me in the 3-2 win over Juventus in 1997 when he destroyed Sergio Porrini for 90 minutes, and the famous goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup Semi Final in 1999.

In a family of Reds, I have been blessed to become accustomed to famous names throughout the history of the club. Anyone over the age of 65/70 will have many stories about the greatness of the 'Busby Babes', particularly Duncan Edwards (RIP) who many of that age consider one without a peer in terms of greatness.

Moving down the age scale and we will hear tales of Bobby Charlton and the Holy Trinity of Charlton, Denis Law and George Best (RIP) that secured the 1st European Cup for an English side in 1968.

The lack of success during the 70s did not stop the likes of Gordon McQueen and Lou Macari cementing their legacies at the club and then we got to Bryan Robson- our Captain Marvel.

Robson was my first 'favourite player' as I was growing up, mostly thanks to my Father and Uncles that indoctrinated me with the United philosophy. The most famous of Robson's performances in a Red shirt was in the 1984 European Cup Winners' Cup Quarter Final against Barcelona.

United were 2-0 down from the 1st Leg in the Nou Camp against a side that counted a certain Diego Maradona in their ranks. However, it was Bryan Robson who dominated the show in the 2nd Leg inspiring United to a 3-0 win in what many have told me was the best atmosphere at Old Trafford in any era, and possibly the best performance from a United player.

At the end of the Robson era, when it looked like he would finish without securing a top flight title for United, a gallic Frenchman crossed the Pennines and arrived to signify the start of a period of domination for the Red Devils. Eric Cantona instantly became a cult hero in the stands  and took over the mantel from a soon to retire Robson.

This led to the much more recent names in the history of the club in Roy Keane and Cristiano Ronaldo.

It was only last night that I was having the latest in a long series of debates about who was the better player- Eric Cantona or Roy Keane? It is one many Reds will have had in the pubs and travelling to and from games over the years and divides fans right down the middle.

Yesterday the discussion was with Simon Caney, the editor of Sport Magazine, a weekly publication that comes out on Fridays (if you have not checked it out, I would recommend it- you can also access them by website Sport Magazine Website)

Both camps have a clear favourite, but the debate needs to take place on a different level. So I decided to break it down into categories:

Playing Ability: In terms of playing ability, I think Roy Keane wins hands down- at his absolute peak between 1999-2002, Keane was an unplayable midfielder, coveted by EVERY leading club in Europe. He should have been in the voting for numerous European Player of the Year Awards but this was an era where the midfield general was not as respected by the media as the flair players (rememeber the treatment of Claude Makalele amongst the Galacticos of Real Madrid!).

Eric Cantona played in an era of English football where his technical ability made him stand head and shoulders above most in the League, but he was found out by the superior teams in Europe who were still far and away ahead of English teams at that time. He was also not of the level of top strikers of his time, with Roberto Baggio, Romario, Hristo Stoickov, Gabriel Batitistuta and George Weah all better options.

Keane 1-0 Cantona

Inspiration: Cantona was the catalyst that sparked a revolution at Old Trafford. Younger readers may not be aware that the side had actually failed to win the top flight title for 26 years when the Frenchman arrived at the club- the year before they had lost the title to Leeds when falling apart at the final hurdle... Cantona proved to be the final piece of the puzzle that Sir Alex Ferguson had been building at United.

Furthering his cause will be the 1995-96 season when Cantona was the senior figure in a young team containing David Beckham, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes after the sales of Paul Ince, Mark Hughes and Andrey Kanchelskis. Look at the final weeks of the season and count the number of 1-0 wins for United with Cantona as the scorer.

The most important of those came in wins against Newcastle at St James' Park and against Liverpool in the FA Cup Final at Wembley.

Looks like an easy winner for Cantona, but Roy Keane was the perfect Captain and thus the perfect man to inspire those around him. While Keane had a dominant midfield around him, it was his inspiring tackles and driving runs that propelled the team forward. The fans loved him for his straight talking attitude and many felt he was the public voice of Ferguson and the fans.

Whether it was battles with the opposition in centre midfield, or driving the players forward in games and training, Roy Keane epitomised inspiration... this is a tie

Keane 2-1 Cantona

Big Game Performances: This is the category that drives the most arguments from both sides- Keane fans will say Cantona failed to perform on the biggest stage, the Champions League, and that gives their man the edge when it comes to this discussion... Personally I tend to disagree...

Yes, Cantona did struggle to really enforce his will in Europe, but English sides generally struggled in the European Cup with the 'no more than 3 foreigners allowed' rule. This gutted the United team of 1994 as Irish, Welsh and Scots were all considered foreigners and so it is a bit unfair to criticise Cantona for not leading the team in those years.

One of his best performances for United came in the 4-0 home win over Porto in 1997- the Portuguese side had beaten Milan twice in the group stages (Milan were considered, along with Juventus, the top side in Europe) and United were the underdogs in the tie. The whole team played well, but Cantona was still the star of the show.

The big accusation levelled at Cantona came in the next round when United met Dortmund at Old Trafford. United were 0-2 down on aggregate after Lars Ricken scored early in the 2nd leg, but Cantona missed a hatful of chances and took plenty of criticisms for that. He never again played for United in Europe, retiring a month later.

Roy Keane was the man who guided United through in his biggest performance. The 21st of April 1999 will be remembered as Keane's finest hour and the day he became a legend as he inspired United to a 2-3 win in Turin against Juventus, a team that had proven to be United's bogey team over the last few seasons. What made the performance even more spectacular was the fact Keane knew he was missing the Final through suspension but that did not stop him making sure United got there.

Other memorable performances came in a 3-0 home win over Valencia in the following season after Keane finally signed an extension to his contract at Old Trafford as all the big clubs in Europe eyed him up, or the 1-2 win at Highbury when Keane battled Patrick Vieira during the game and scored 2 goals.

A lot of people now use the benchmark of 'big game' performances as the Champions League, but Cantona and Keane played in different times. English clubs were not as successful in Europe in the early to mid 90s as they were at the latter end of the decade and moving into the new Millenium.

Cantona's big games came in England where he did produce as I mentioned. The lack of success in Europe is a concern, but it was a much harder time for United and he still managed to perform at a top level in some games. Keane was immense in every game between 1999-2002 and that gives him the edge, but this is close enough to call a tie.

Keane 3-2 Cantona

Who was the more important player to his team? This is a really tough question to answer with both players being essential to their teams.

Cantona was definitely a presence in the United team and I remember the team used to lack something when he was not in the line up. Every full season at United saw them win the title and it may be telling that the 1995 team failed to win a trophy in Cantona's absence through suspension.

OK, it was down to at least 3 fantastic saves from Ludek Miklosko of West Ham on the final day of the season that prevented United winning the title, but no one can tell me they would not have won if Cantona was in the line up that day.

Both Keane and Cantona were absent in the 1998 season when United again failed to win anything.

Keane was another player that was missed when absent from his team of 1999-2002... However, United can say they won the FA Cup Final and European Cup Final in 1999 WITHOUT Keane in the line up. This United side was capable of winning things without their leader, although it is harder to compare directly with Cantona as Keane did not miss a chunk of the end of season and United possibly would have lost to Juventus in the Semi Final without Keane.

However, the FA Cup Semi Final of 1999 was also missing Keane for an important spell- people remember the Giggs goal, and rightly so, but how many remember Keane being sent off while the score was still 1-1?

Keane was the inspiration, and the team definitely missed him when he was absent, BUT they showed they could still win trophies without him and that makes Cantona the more important piece in the team.

Keane 3-3 Cantona

The 'X' Factor: So who had 'it'? I think this is where Cantona wins out... Keane was a snarling midfield general who could score goals and tackle the life out of the opposition and was a hero to all, but Cantona had 'it'.

There was a special aura at Old Trafford reserved for the Frenchman- he had something that made us all sit at the edge of our seats and almost come to a hush as he walked out on to the pitch, collars up, and surveyed the stadium as his own.

I have never been starstruck, but meeting Cantona was different, there was something a little bit special about him, something that made him an instant hit at the club and something that has us all singing his name before every game.

Keane 3-4 Cantona

And there you have it, I would vote Cantona as the greatest of my era. Cristiano Ronaldo was the best player, on playing ability alone, that I have ever seen on a regular basis at Old Trafford, Roy Keane was the greatest Captain, but Eric Cantona had a bit of everything that will make him our hero forever.

Without Cantona, there would be no Roy Keane at United and who knows where the club would be now? There are clear arguments that would favour Roy Keane in this debate and I hope one day I can reach an age where I can tell my stories of these greats as I hear stories of Edwards, Charlton, Law and Best now

Saturday, 16 April 2011

NBA Play Offs- 1st Round Predictions

Finally the 82 games in the regular season are finished and the Play Offs are here. There are a number of intriguing series in the 1st Round, while many will also be salivating at the prospect of some very interesting Semi Finals and Finals over the next 2 months.

Who will win? I don't really know at the moment, there are many teams with real potential. A dark horse could be the young and very talented Oklahoma City Thunder, but they must first negotiate a tough 1st Round series with the flying Denver Nuggets.

The LA Lakers and Boston Celtics cannot be ruled out even though they limped into the Play Offs, while both Number 1 seeds in Chicago and San Antonio should be live players.

And then there is the Miami Heat...

But first, all teams have to negotiate their way through to the latter stages and that means it is time for 1st Round Predictions!

Eastern Conference 1st Round Predictions
Chicago Bulls (1) v Indiana Pacers (8): This should be a clear cut series for the Chicago Bulls if they can hold their nerves together and play up to the expectations the fans now have on the team. The likes of Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah should be too strong for Indiana, the only team with a losing record in the Play Offs.

The Pacers may be able to get a split in the 2 games played on their home court, but the Bulls should come through in 4 or 5 games.

Miami Heat (2) v Philadelphia 76ers (7): The Miami Heat have negotiated the regular season with one goal in mind and that was to be getting ready to really play some ball in the Play Offs. They have won all 3 games against the 76ers in the regular season, but 2 of those game during Phili's tough start to the season.

The 76ers will need Lou Williams back in the rotation sooner rather than later to help them out, but eventually Miami's class will tell and the Heat will get warmed up with a series win in 5 games.

Boston Celtics (3) v New York Knicks (6): Boston's end to the season made their decision to trade away Kendrick Perkins look even more surprising and could cost them the chance to reach the Finals for the 2nd year in succession. However, while many are tipping this as the surprise of the 1st Round, I think the Celtics still have a little too much know-all for the new look Knicks.

The acquisition of Carmelo Anthony makes the Knicks an attractive team to watch, and he and Amare Stoudemire can take games away from teams, but Defense wins Championships and that is an area that will let them down. I can see the Knicks pushing Boston to 6 games before bowing out.

Orlando Magic (4) v Atlanta Hawks (5): The Atlanta Hawks beat the Magic 3-1 in the regular season, but must still have a few nightmares of their 4-0 Semi Final loss last season to these same opponents.

Atlanta have really been struggling down the stretch and there are plenty of accusations of players quitting in games. Orlando themselves have been a Jekyll and Hyde team since blowing up their roster and bringing in the likes of Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas and it is hard to take them completely seriously when the latter gets as many minutes as he does.

This is the hardest series to call in the East in my opinion, and I have a sneaky feeling the Hawks may take this in 7 games.

Western Conference 1st Round Predictions
San Antonio Spurs (1) v Memphis Grizzlies (8): The West is loaded with a string of strong series, but this could be the one that has most people shocked. San Antonio only just fell short of the best record in the NBA, but people are beginning to worry that they are showing their age as key players like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili all struggled with injuries down the stretch.

Add to that the fact that they play a young, fast, athletic team like the Grizzlies and the potential for a 1st Round shock is definitely in play.

Memphis were so confident of this match up that they deliberately tanked games down the stretch to ensure they play the Spurs... That confidence may just see them push San Antonio all the way here to 7 games.

LA Lakers (2) v New Orleans Hornets (7): The LA Lakers went on a 17-1 run after the All Star break which had people effectively crowning them as the Western Champions- however, they have not been so dominating to close the season and now the doubters are out in force again.

The Lakers should be happy to face the New Orleans Hornets, arguably the weakest team in the Western Conference Play Offs. LA won the season series 4-0 and the Hornets are missing David West... Lakers take this in 4 games.

Dallas Mavericks (3) v Portland Trail Blazers (6): Another team that is happy with their match up is the Portland Trail Blazers who play a Dallas team that they beat in their regular season series. With the Rose Garden being a really tough arena to visit, Portland definitely will feel they have the beating of a Dallas team that finished a little up and down in the regular season.

The Mavericks have lost in this Round in 3 of the last 4 Play Off appearances they have had, and their deep squad could be well matched by Portland's.

Much like the San Antonio series, this one may just be decided in 7 games... This time the underdog Portland team comes up trumps, winning in Dallas to secure the series.

Oklahoma City Thunder (4) v Denver Nuggets (5): As you may know, I am pretty high on the Thunder and really believe they can go deep if they handle the pressure of being the favourites in a series rather than the loveable underdogs. The trade for Kendrick Perkins looks an inspired decision and makes Oklahoma City a tough series for any team in the West.

Denver are another who made a big decision by trading away Carmelo Anthony and they too have fired since then as they have a number of high quality players, even if none of them are quite up to the Superstar label just yet. The Nuggets have the third winningest record since the trade deadline, but notably they have lost 2 times to Oklahoma City in that time.

The Thunder are likely to have one too many questions for Denver here and will come through in 6 games.

The next couple of weeks will show us how the 1st Round pans out and I will be back for an update in to my Semi Final feels.

Remember to check out http://www.goonersguide.com/ where I will be putting up my NBA picks for individual games throughout the Play Offs. I have over 11 Units of profit from the last 2 months of the regular season and hope to build that up further before a potential lockout season next year.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Overlooking Nani for the Player of the Year Award is a disgrace bourne out of dislike

It is almost the end of the 2010-11 season and as the football reaches a crescendo, it is also the time to begin nominations for the Player of the Year Award as well as the Young Player of the Year.

Only there was a glaring omission in the Player of the Year category- Nani.

The Portuguese winger has been a regular figure for Manchester United this season, leading the team and the League in terms of assists and also chipping in with 10 goals. These figures do not compare with a former Portuguese winger that used to ply his trade at Old Trafford, but they are very solid numbers.

Add to the fact that it is Nani who has been the source of inspiration in attacking moves for United all season, even more so than Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov, and it really rankles with me that he has been completely overlooked from the shortlist of 7 players.

Nani is disliked, there is no question about that- he is disliked by opposition fans and he is disliked by the media for being dishonest... Sounds a lot like Cristiano Ronaldo really doesnt it? The big difference is Ronaldo had banged in 40 + goals for United in their Champions League/Premier League double winning season and could NOT be overlooked, no matter how much people did not like him.

A recent piece in the Mirror by Oliver Holt sums up the feeling in the media against Nani... But this seems wrong to me in so many ways.

Holt says while many of Nani's traits are similar to Ronaldo's, he wouldnt vote for the former because the latter was braver, and twice the player. There is this common misconception that Nani dives EVERY time he is on the ball- take a look at the first goal United scored against Fulham this weekend... Nani is kicked so many times, yet rides the tackles and eventually sets up the opener.

He has matured a lot in the last 14 months when it was expected that Nani will be leaving Old Trafford in the January window, and since then he has become an integral part of the United attacking line up.

Displays against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium used to be a once-in-a-blue-moon performances, but Nani has become much more consistent since then, and regularly is the influential piece in the United team that can create something from a moment of magic.

Nani has also been criticised for THAT goal against Tottenham earlier this season, but I think the referee was more to blame than the player. Holt criticises the winger for handballing and still getting up to score when there was confusion- how many other players have admitted to handball in games? And how many players are told to put the ball in the net until the whistle blows?

I think Nani just took advantage of a situation. It is less of an act of sportsmanship than a player diving for a penalty, or waving imaginary cards at the referee, or even rolling around in agony to ensure a player is carded and jumping up on your feet and running a 10.01 100 metre dash seconds later...

It is just completely wrong that a player is judged for how he acts rather than the ability and consistency they have shown all season. Nani has been the best attacking player for the team that is top of the Premier League by 7 points.

He has been far more consistent than Rafael Van der Vaart who has come off the boil with injuries and form in the last 3 months, whereas the likes of Gareth Bale have had some really exceptional performances but have missed chunks of the season. Scott Parker has been absolutely brilliant as a leader at Upton Park, but West Ham have seriously underachieved for all their ability and that should have worked against him compared with Nani.

I didn't think Nani was going to win the award this year, personally I would vote for Nemanja Vidic who has been the one rock at the heart of the United defence in the absence of Rio Ferdinand... But to overlook Nani for the top 7 players this season, because 'we dont like him', is seriously poor form.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ray Wilkins- Worst... Commentator... Ever!

So how many of you watched the Real Madrid-Tottenham game on SkySports last night? Anyone else find the crazy statements made by Ray Wilkins as hilarious as I did?

Now Wilkins' stock has gone up this season after Chelsea fell to pieces after he was removed as Carlo Ancelotti's right hand man. Many believe the team fell of the rails because Wilkins was no longer in the dressing room, but personally I am of the opinion that the Chelsea team was not pulling in the same direction for other reasons.

Once Sky decided to terminate Andy Gray's contract (rightly or wrongly), it left quite a void to be filled. They have tried the boring and monosyllabic Alan Smith who talks about a 30 yard volley flying into the top corner in the same tone as a defender putting a long ball into touch.

Sam Allardyce and Glenn Hoddle have also been given a go, but the worst so far has been Ray Wilkins and his crazy ramblings during a game. Yesterday he had a few beatuies:

The constant referral to Tottenham as 'we'- not being funny with Wilkins here, but he is supposedly a Chelsea fan, a team that has an intense rivalry with Spurs. He claimed he was talking as an Englishman, but England weren't playing as far as I could tell (although the 4-0 drubbing may have had some confused into thinking it was England).

It began as an irritation, but really began to annoy me as the game went on.

'Stay on your feet'- Wilkins used this so much and so often that it was trending on Twitter last night!! I was really impressed with this advice, I could totally see what Chelsea have been missing all season(!)

'Not a handball for me'- According to the gospel that is Wilkins, Michael Dawson 'may' have raised his hands, but it wasn't a penalty... The pictures don't lie Ray.

His clear disappointment that Sergio Ramos was not booked and suspended for next week... 'the worst decision of the half'- what happened to the English fair play? I thought the English never asked for players to be booked? And to call it the worst decision of the half, take a look at the handball missed by the referee and tell me again with a straight face that this was the worst decision of the half.

'Tottenham had defended stoically in the second half'- yeah I agree Ray, they defended really well... So well in fact, that they conceded 3 more in the second half than they did in the first. And the absence of any marking on Adebayor for the 2nd goal was the perfect example of how to defend a corner.

'We can let them have corners all day'- not being funny here Ray, but Real scored their 2nd goal from a corner, so to come out with this at 4-0 down is perhaps a touch silly? Also see above.

'Tottenham deserve a goal for the way they have played all season'- now I will admit, I am a little 'old school' in thinking a performance deserves a goal when you have attacked and the keeper has made great saves or the woodwork has prevented a goal... I am less inclined to think a team deserves a goal because they have played half decent all season and performed terribly in the game in question.

Lucky for us Ray Wilkins is not the head of UEFA, else I imagine Barcelona would get a 5 goal headstart solely based on their previous performances and would win the Champions League every season!!

'Ronaldo is still playing at, what, 92 minutes... He couldn't have been that bad then'- Gareth Bale was still on at this time, yet was considered doubtful up until kick off... So why not say the same about him Ray, or are you just a touch bitter?

Usually the commentary on Sky is quite straight down the middle, with admiration for a solid team performance, whether by a European or English team... Not yesterday!!!

Ray Wilkins was ridiculously biased and by the end of the game I was worried he might be hyperventilating! The worst thing about his 'analysis' was the constant stream of bullshit coming out of his mouth.

Time for another change in the commentary booth Sky!!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

March Profit/Loss Final Tally

So another month passes us by and I cannot be the only person who feels 2011 is rushing by as fast as 2010... Just a quick update today with March totals after a pretty good month.

Football + 8.22 Units

NBA Basketball + 10.76 Units
Basketball continues to bring in the big profits, although a disappointing run at the end of the month dropped some of the profits... Still over 10 units of profit is not to be sniffed at.

Special thanks to Oklahoma City Thunder who continued racking up the profits- look out for them in the Play Offs, a really dangerous team.

NHL Ice Hockey - 6.9 Units
The most disappointing aspect is the amount of picks I lost within the last minute of games.

MLB Baseball + 1 Unit
Very early days in the baseball, but a small profit so far.

Overall Profit + 13.08 Units