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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ray Wilkins- Worst... Commentator... Ever!

So how many of you watched the Real Madrid-Tottenham game on SkySports last night? Anyone else find the crazy statements made by Ray Wilkins as hilarious as I did?

Now Wilkins' stock has gone up this season after Chelsea fell to pieces after he was removed as Carlo Ancelotti's right hand man. Many believe the team fell of the rails because Wilkins was no longer in the dressing room, but personally I am of the opinion that the Chelsea team was not pulling in the same direction for other reasons.

Once Sky decided to terminate Andy Gray's contract (rightly or wrongly), it left quite a void to be filled. They have tried the boring and monosyllabic Alan Smith who talks about a 30 yard volley flying into the top corner in the same tone as a defender putting a long ball into touch.

Sam Allardyce and Glenn Hoddle have also been given a go, but the worst so far has been Ray Wilkins and his crazy ramblings during a game. Yesterday he had a few beatuies:

The constant referral to Tottenham as 'we'- not being funny with Wilkins here, but he is supposedly a Chelsea fan, a team that has an intense rivalry with Spurs. He claimed he was talking as an Englishman, but England weren't playing as far as I could tell (although the 4-0 drubbing may have had some confused into thinking it was England).

It began as an irritation, but really began to annoy me as the game went on.

'Stay on your feet'- Wilkins used this so much and so often that it was trending on Twitter last night!! I was really impressed with this advice, I could totally see what Chelsea have been missing all season(!)

'Not a handball for me'- According to the gospel that is Wilkins, Michael Dawson 'may' have raised his hands, but it wasn't a penalty... The pictures don't lie Ray.

His clear disappointment that Sergio Ramos was not booked and suspended for next week... 'the worst decision of the half'- what happened to the English fair play? I thought the English never asked for players to be booked? And to call it the worst decision of the half, take a look at the handball missed by the referee and tell me again with a straight face that this was the worst decision of the half.

'Tottenham had defended stoically in the second half'- yeah I agree Ray, they defended really well... So well in fact, that they conceded 3 more in the second half than they did in the first. And the absence of any marking on Adebayor for the 2nd goal was the perfect example of how to defend a corner.

'We can let them have corners all day'- not being funny here Ray, but Real scored their 2nd goal from a corner, so to come out with this at 4-0 down is perhaps a touch silly? Also see above.

'Tottenham deserve a goal for the way they have played all season'- now I will admit, I am a little 'old school' in thinking a performance deserves a goal when you have attacked and the keeper has made great saves or the woodwork has prevented a goal... I am less inclined to think a team deserves a goal because they have played half decent all season and performed terribly in the game in question.

Lucky for us Ray Wilkins is not the head of UEFA, else I imagine Barcelona would get a 5 goal headstart solely based on their previous performances and would win the Champions League every season!!

'Ronaldo is still playing at, what, 92 minutes... He couldn't have been that bad then'- Gareth Bale was still on at this time, yet was considered doubtful up until kick off... So why not say the same about him Ray, or are you just a touch bitter?

Usually the commentary on Sky is quite straight down the middle, with admiration for a solid team performance, whether by a European or English team... Not yesterday!!!

Ray Wilkins was ridiculously biased and by the end of the game I was worried he might be hyperventilating! The worst thing about his 'analysis' was the constant stream of bullshit coming out of his mouth.

Time for another change in the commentary booth Sky!!

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