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Sunday, 3 April 2011

March Profit/Loss Final Tally

So another month passes us by and I cannot be the only person who feels 2011 is rushing by as fast as 2010... Just a quick update today with March totals after a pretty good month.

Football + 8.22 Units

NBA Basketball + 10.76 Units
Basketball continues to bring in the big profits, although a disappointing run at the end of the month dropped some of the profits... Still over 10 units of profit is not to be sniffed at.

Special thanks to Oklahoma City Thunder who continued racking up the profits- look out for them in the Play Offs, a really dangerous team.

NHL Ice Hockey - 6.9 Units
The most disappointing aspect is the amount of picks I lost within the last minute of games.

MLB Baseball + 1 Unit
Very early days in the baseball, but a small profit so far.

Overall Profit + 13.08 Units

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