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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The John Terry-Anton Ferdinand Racism Issue

The last couple of weeks have been an embarrassment for the Premier League with two high-profile players being accused of racism in consecutive weeks.

First we had the Patrice Evra-Luis Suarez issue... As I said at the time, I don't want to make judgements because I don't feel I can be unbiased as I am going to back what the player who plays for my team says.

BUT that doesn't mean I have to blindly believe the allegations made or the denial from the other party just because the player happens to wear the right shirt for my eyes.

What has bothered me, and it is something that has been reported to a lesser degree than it perhaps should have, is the suggestion that Evra is the 'Boy who cried Wolf' on a number of previous occasions, when this is actually the FIRST time he has ever alleged this has happened to him in his time at Manchester United.

Now I don't know whether Suarez did or didn't say anything untoward to Evra, and I have a feeling we are unlikely to find out, but the issue has once again come to the fore after the QPR-Chelsea game on Sunday.

I am not a master lip reader, but I am sure the England Captain called Anton Ferdinand a 'black cunt' after viewing the video. Terry claims he was asking Ferdinand if that what he thinks he said, but we don't have a clear shot of the whole discussion and this where there won't be enough evidence to actually have anything done to Terry as Sergio Busquets proved when getting away with something even more derogatory aimed at Marcelo in the Champions League Semi Final last season between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Terry's behaviour has been somewhat questionable in the past and I really don't think the guy should be England's Captain, because of these issues.

I remember a game between Tottenham and Chelsea back in 2006 when Terry was sent off for what looked like an innocuous challenge in the box, yet it was later reported that he had potentially said something racist to Ledley King, something Graham Poll had heard and sent him off for.

This was never investigated as Spurs believed there was nothing to the allegations, although the reaction of King, Pascal Chimbonda and Bobby Zamora was completely over the top for something that really didn't look that bad.

The last two weeks have raised some awkward questions in the media, one that was so passionate, and rightly so, in going after the Bulgarian fans for their disgraceful treatment of the black players who started for England in a game in Sofia recently.

Is racism still rife in English Football?

That is a debate that has been raging through the airwaves and on social networking sites for much of the day, but I think there is something quite disturbing from the amount of hate that has been sent towards people who wish to discuss this point.

The worst article of all has come from the Daily Mail (is that really a surprise? I loved Ian Brown putting it one of their reporters last week with the question of 'how does it feel to work for the paper that supported Hitler?' Still, I guess even the lead singer of the Stone Roses didn't believe it was still a paper that tolerated racism).

Just read the last paragraph of that article:

So, Mr Evra and Mr Ferdinand, I know you feel insulted. But perhaps in this case you could just put up with it and get on with the game

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2052843/John-Terry-racism-row-Anton-Ferdinand-game.html#ixzz1bqItXLDb

Is this for real? They should get on with it because things have improved markedly in the last 30 years? What a pile of crap...

So I guess the author was backing Andy Gray and Richard Keys after their comments about women? Or maybe he feels it is fine to abuse homosexuals because most people are more tolerant these days?

Racism should have no part to play in the national sport of this country, and ONE proven incident is far too much and should result in a very severe punishment for the guilty party.

The FA have a HUGE couple of weeks in front of them as they have two high-profile incidents to deal with and I will be watching on with interest.

I might be wrong in saying this, but I have spoken about a remaining undercurrent of racism in football, whether in the media or in stadiums, for a few years now and recent incidents as well as some lethargy in reaction to the incidents is worrying to say the least.

There has also been a very lukewarm response to ideas that the 'Rooney Rule' from American Football be introduced to our game here which further has me believing that the 'Kick It Out' campaign still has a lot of work to do, regardless of how much we pat ourselves on the back of how we deal with racism compared to other nations.

I have a feeling there will be more to this story in the coming days and weeks.

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