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Thursday, 6 October 2011

College Football Week 6 Picks and Previews

It looked like the bad week I have been dreading all season was ready to rear its ugly head last week as the first 3 picks all went down the drain, only I was saved with Alabama, Wisconsin and Stanford all winning big and covering the spread.

It would have been a disappointment if I had ended with a big loss considering Boise State and Baylor both allowed 10 unanswered points in the 4th Quarter to allow the cover to come in, although my South Florida pick clearly was a stinker after watching the 1st Quarter of their abysmal performance at Pittsburgh.

All in all, it does mean I had the smallest of losses last week, although the season record has now moved to 19-6 so I am not going to complain at all.

Below I will update my picks as I lock them in over the next couple of days. Follow me on Twitter where I will post any time I put up some new picks:

Boise State Broncos @ Fresno State Bulldogs Pick and Preview (http://goonersguide.com/football-pick-11938-Fresno-State-Bulldog-v-Boise-State-Broncos.htm)

Florida Gators @ Louisiana State Tigers Pick and Preview (http://goonersguide.com/football-pick-11940-Louisiana-State-v-Florida-Gators.htm)

Colorado Buffaloes @ Stanford Cardinal Pick and Preview (http://goonersguide.com/football-pick-11948-Stanford-Cardinal-v-Colorado-Buffaloes.htm)

Ohio State Buckeyes @ Nebraska Cornhuskers Pick and Preview (http://goonersguide.com/football-pick-11950-Nebraska-v-Ohio-State.htm)

East Carolina Pirates @ Houston Cougars Pick and Preview (http://goonersguide.com/football-pick-11951-Houston-Cougars-v-East-Carolina.htm)

Connecticut Huskies @ West Virginia Mountaineers Pick and Preview (http://goonersguide.com/football-pick-11952-West-Virginia-v-Connecticut-Huskies.htm)

Oklahoma Sooners @ Texas Longhorns Pick and Preview (http://goonersguide.com/football-pick-11959-Texas-Longhorns-v-Oklahoma-Sooners.htm)

MY PICKS: Boise State Broncos - 20.5 Points @ 1.95 Pinnacle (1 Unit)
Louisiana State Tigers - 13.5 Points @ 1.92 Paddy Power (1 Unit)
Stanford Cardinal - 29 Points @ 1.95 Pinnacle (1 Unit)
Nebraska Cornhuskers - 11 Points @ 1.92 Paddy Power (1 Unit)
Houston Cougars - 9.5 Points @ 1.92 SportingBet (1 Unit)
West Virginia Mountaineers - 20 Points @ 2.00 Pinnacle (1 Unit)
Oklahoma Sooners - 10 Points @ 1.92 William Hill (1 Unit)

WEEK 5: 3-3, - 0.21 Units
WEEK 44-2, + 1.80 Units
WEEK 3: 5-1, + 3.60 Units
WEEK 2: 3-0, + 2.82 Units
WEEK 1: 4-0, + 3.74 Units


  1. Hey Dav,

    Daniel here. Awesome week on the College.

    Let's hope the Lions can get up. Cant wait for the game!


  2. Thanks pal, it was good to get back into the winning habit after a slight loss last week.

    Hoping the Lions can do it for me tonight, would mean the NFL Picks will go 5-3 with a win and give me profits for both the NCAA and NFL.

    Check in later on in the week, already got a couple of opinions on Week 7 action from the early College lines but checking movements before I lock them down