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Friday, 7 August 2015

Tennis Picks 2015 (August 7th)

This is going to be a very short post because I am seriously pissed off with what has happened over the last month and I try and keep things as civil as possible on here.

The amount of times I have made picks and seen players get into winning positions and then lose or play like shit is just taken its toll on me and I refuse to play along any more.

For four seasons my picks have produced a healthy plus margin and a decent enough yield, but the last month has been absolutely horrific, the worst run in all that time and perhaps the worst run most people would have seen.

There are only so many times you can accept bad luck as part and parcel of things, but this looks like being my worst season by a million miles on the tennis Tour thanks to a run since Wimbledon that has seen 35 positive units erased.

How many times can a pick be in a position like 76, 52 and lose? How many times am I going to deal with a player losing a set 61, but then winning 62, 60 and failing to cover because of that shit set to start?

Players like Nicolas Almagro and Steve Johnson that will lose every other match they play, but somehow bring out their A++++++ matches when I am against them or F----------- matches when I have backed them, it is those kinds of rubbish that have addled my brain. Players who will break with the one chance they get, but then save three thousand break points, or players that will miss their chances by missing the most basic of shots.

Yes, things go up and down, but it has been embarrassingly one-sided against me in the last month with rubbish after rubbish after rubbish... I'd love to just say the picks have been poor, but that would be a lie as there have been plenty that have just about to win before crumbling away like they never had such a positive start.

Just too many things are taking the piss at the moment and I've had enough.

The football season in both England and America will be beginning soon and I'll be focusing on that, but I am not sure when I will be back making tennis picks. Maybe I'll look at the Canadian Masters/Premier Event, maybe I will decide to be back at the Cincinnati Masters, but I've had too many body blows to be interested in the next few days.

It stinks to be honest, but it is the way it goes and possibly I will wait until the US Open and call it a day for the season after the final Grand Slam with whatever the outcome is from that event.

For now, I've simply had enough. I'm not one to bullshit the results, they are there for all to see and I am sure most will understand that this really has been a unique time where literally everything has gone the wrong way when finely balanced.

Weekly Final: 4-13, - 18.34 Units (34 Units Staked, - 53.94% Yield)

Season 2015- 2.57 Units (1260 Units Staked, - 0.02% Yield)

Season 2014+ 45.05 Units (1586.5 Units Staked, + 2.84% Yield)
Season 2013+ 21.74 Units (1251.5 Units Staked, + 1.73% Yield)
Season 2012+ 49.21 Units (855 Units Staked, + 5.76% Yield)

Note: On July 20th, the season total was + 35.25 Units with an almost 4% Yield which just proves how horrendous the last three weeks have been.

I'm also calling both Nicolas Almagro and Steve Johnson lose their matches on this day in embarrassingly one-sided fashion just to prove that luck is really conspiring against me.

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