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Monday, 1 August 2016

Tennis Picks 2016 (August 1st)

The Canadian Masters is in the books and put a strong July to a close having made a big dent in the season totals. The 2016 season has been a difficult one for my tennis picks, but July has helped to trim the deficit by almost 50% and that is the kind of momentum I am looking to take into August when we have two major tournaments at the Olympic Games and Cincinnati before the final Grand Slam of the season begins at the US Open on Monday 29th August.

The Olympic Games tennis tournament begins next Saturday, but there are still Tour events being played through this week with events in Nanchang, Florianopolis and Atlanta. The middle event is being played in Brazil and will actually come to a close on Friday so nothing interferes with the Olympic Games being held in Rio de Janeiro, although the other two events will end as they usually do at the weekend.

Finding picks this week from the tournaments which are weaker fields than they would be in a non-Olympic season is going to be difficult. On Monday I really couldn't find anything from the tournaments being played and this post is just updating the season totals after last week.

Perhaps there will be picks from tomorrow if I find anything that appeals, but Monday is going to be a 'rest day' with nothing that leaps off the page.

Season 2016- 22 Units (1281 Units Staked, - 1.72% Yield)
Season 2015- 21.81 Units (1812 Units Staked, - 1% Yield)
Season 2014+ 45.05 Units (1586.5 Units Staked, + 2.84% Yield)
Season 2013+ 21.74 Units (1251.5 Units Staked, + 1.73% Yield)
Season 2012+ 49.21 Units (855 Units Staked, + 5.76% Yield)
Season 2011+ 82.02 Units

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