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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Tennis Picks 2017 (February 23rd)

This is going to be a very short thread.

I am going to have no more tennis picks this week after too many bad luck situations through the last ten days which has really messed with my mind. The final straw today was Elina Svitolina winning 20 more points than her opponent but not being able to get near to the cover, a number which told me all I wanted to know about where the fortune is going this week.

That match alone made me decide sometimes it is better to take a step back, refocus, and get back on the horse.

Another stat that I tweeted out earlier just summed up the way things were going- I took a match from each of the last three days that hasn't covered and noticed my players had 53 break points compared with 26 and yet none of those players could get over the hump. Again, you have to look at the stats and say something is going wrong this week when everything is pointing to it being right.

The numbers don't lie so where I usually apportion the blame to myself and making 'bad picks', this time I am going to say it is clear that I need to hit the reset button on the week. I should have been on the right side of at least five picks this week which has added to at least three more from last week where the players I picked won more points but somehow still conspired to lose the match.

I'm pissed off.

And that means the mind is a little clouded and needs a couple of days to clear up.

On this blog you will see the NBA Picks and the Weekend Football Picks and hopefully I can get next week off to a much better start on Sunday when the ATP Dubai tournament begins. This is a long season for the tennis picks so being able to take a step back and refocus should not be seen as a negative, but a positive to improve the general feeling and then take that forward.

Good luck to those having a better week with their tennis picks than I have been.

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