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Friday, 14 October 2016

College Football Week 7 Picks 2016 (October 15th)

After a pretty miserable Week 5, the picks bounced back in Week 6 with a 7-1-1 record and has almost got the season totals back into a positive. I didn't have a lot of luck in Week 5, but did manage to get my fair share in Week 6 with the Miami Hurricanes missing an extra point to provide one winner and Texas Longhorns scoring a late Touchdown to pull within the double digits against the Sooners.

You need that sometimes, especially when the feeling is I could have had a lot more in Week 5 and I am hoping the momentum can carry over to Week 7 and put the season totals into a positive position.

We don't have the huge games in Week 7 that there seemingly have been for much of the season. There are some stand out games in the Big Ten Conference and the Big 12, while the Alabama visit to Tennessee looks to the game with most headlines attached.

The size of the games don't really matter to me this week though as I want another winning week and I know that the big games will soon be back on the field as the Conferences get deeper and deeper into their schedules.

I am not making any picks from the games that are to be played during the week this time around but all the picks will be played through Saturday.

Vanderbilt Commodores @ Georgia Bulldogs Pick: The loss to the Tennessee Volunteers means the Georgia Bulldogs are chasing in the SEC East, but they are very much back in contention after the Volunteers were beaten by Texas A&M last week. With the Volunteers facing Alabama this week, Georgia might be able to move alongside them in the Conference and winning out might be enough for the Bulldogs to finish above Tennessee.

No one in Athens is going to be looking that far ahead as the Bulldogs can't afford to overlook any team in the SEC. They host the Vanderbilt Commodores who have lost all three Conference games they have played although have felt they could have won all of those games.

Playing on the road here is a big test for Vanderbilt who won't be expecting to run the ball that effectively. Ralph Webb has been huge for the Commodores from the Running Back position and he is the most effective and consistent weapon they have, but it looks a big ask for Webb to find room against a Defensive Line that has given up just 3.7 yards per carry on the season and have been improved at home.

It isn't as if Vanderbilt have opened up huge holes for Webb either and his biggest impact in this game could be catching balls out of the backfield. Kyle Shurmur has struggled for consistency at Quarter Back but this might be a decent match up for him against a Secondary that have allowed almost 250 passing yards per game.

Unfortunately for Shurmur this game is taking place in Athens where the Bulldogs have played better than on the road. The Secondary have only allowed 170 passing yards per game at home and they are a team that can turn the ball over and get plenty of pressure on the Quarter Back which doesn't bode well for Shurmur without a running game to lean upon.

Running the ball looks like being less of an issue for Georgia who use Nick Chubb and Sonny Michel effectively and who should be able to establish both players in this one. They have been churning out the yards on the ground at 4.8 yards per carry and this is a Commodores Defensive Line which have allowed 176 yards per game on the ground over the course of the season. Those numbers balloon to 250 yards per game at 5.3 yards per carry on the road and it is going to be very difficult for Vanderbilt to stop Georgia from doing what they want on the ground.

Some may think Jacob Eason's struggles at Quarter Back can see Vanderbilt load the box to stop the Bulldogs running the ball, but I am not so sure. Eason may not face the pressure from the pass rush with Georgia establishing the run and he has definitely been able to play better at home so I expect him to make some plays. The Vanderbilt Secondary have played well, but they might be stuck for numbers back there as they try and slow Georgia down on the ground and I think the Bulldogs will be able to move the chains for most of the day.

The home team has now gone 5-1 against the spread in the last six in the series. Georgia have beaten Vanderbilt by 27 and 17 points in the last two seasons and I will back them to grind down the Commodores on the ground and cover the two Touchdown spread in this one too.

NC State Wolfpack @ Clemson Tigers Pick: The ACC Atlantic Division is firmly in the control of the unbeaten Clemson Tigers, but this is a team with much bigger goals than simply winning the Conference. The Tigers want to finish the regular season unbeaten, win the ACC Championship Game and then head into the Play Offs to go one step further than the 2015 season and win the National Championship Game.

They have already recorded a win over Louisville which has put Clemson up to Number 3 in the Rankings and they will be looking to take another step towards the Division title with a win over the NC State Wolfpack. The Wolfpack are 1-0 in the Conference, but they are 4-1 overall and Clemson have home field advantage in Week 7.

Coming into the season it might have been all about the Clemson Offense and what they are going to be able to do, but it is the Defensive unit who have actually looked the stronger. That Defensive unit is going up against a powerful Wolfpack Offense, but they have already faced the Louisville Offense and prevailed which will give them plenty of confidence.

It has been very difficult to run the ball against Clemson although Matthew Dayes and the Wolfpack have managed to do that effectively. However those numbers have been produced by much weaker Defenses than they will be facing this week and I think the Wolfpack might struggle which will put additional pressure on Ryan Finley at Quarter Back.

Finley has played well for the Wolfpack and has looked after the ball very well, but again he is going to face the toughest challenge so far in the 2016 season. He will be throwing into a Secondary that have given up less than 150 yards per game through the air this season and also fewer than 200 passing yards per game at home where they have faced Lamar Jackson and the strong Louisville Offense.

Without establishing the run, Finley is going to be in obvious passing situations and that means facing a fierce Clemson pass rush who have managed to get to the Quarter Back effectively all season. That pressure has led to mistakes being made that the Secondary have gobbled up and giving this Clemson team extra possessions is going to be very difficult to overcome.

Clemson themselves might look to have a tough test on paper, but the Wolfpack have exaggerated numbers thanks to the competition they have faced. Their one road game has seen NC State give up almost 150 yards per game on the ground at 4.5 yards per carry which look much different compared with the season 91 yards per game and 3.0 yards per carry. With Wayne Gallman having a couple of strong games back to back, Clemson should be able to establish the run which will make life a little easier for Deshaun Watson at Quarter Back.

Watson has been given time when he wants to go back to throw, but his mobility helps too and he is capable of reaching the chains with his legs. The Quarter Back has struggled with his Interceptions though, which is a concern, but I think the match up is a good one for him if the Tigers have established the run as it has been possible to make some big plays against Wolfpack Secondary as East Carolina showed in their one road game this season.

The Quarter Back has put up two big games previously against the Wolfpack and Clemson have won both while covering the spread. I like the Tigers to finish the 'first half' of their season with another big win heading into the bye week and I have them winning this one by at least three Touchdowns as the Defensive unit perhaps forces some big turnovers.

As well as NC State Wolfpack have played this season, the competition ramps up significantly this week and I like Clemson to show why they are a National Championship contender. It might take the turnovers to allow Clemson to pull away, but this is the toughest environment in which Finley has played for NC State and I think his run without a turnover is going to end here as the Tigers put a statement win together.

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers @ Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Pick: The team that were expected to be the one to beat in the Conference USA East were the Marshall Thundering Herd going into the season. However they are 0-1 in the Conference and just 1-4 overall this season which has opened the door for Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky.

It is the Blue Raiders who have to be given the edge having already gone 2-0 in the Conference and they come out of their bye week looking to dent Western Kentucky who are one of their big rivals in the Division. The Hilltoppers are 1-1 in Conference play so a defeat here would likely mean curtains for their chances to win the Division in what is a big game in one of the smaller Conferences in College Football.

Some people might have been critical of Middle Tennessee going with Brent Stockstill at Quarter Back but the son of the Head Coach is looking like he will back up 2015 with another big season. This game is a big chance for Stockstill to show off his talent as he faces a Secondary that have given up almost 300 passing yards per game on the season, but have seen that number expand to closer to 400 yards per game on the road.

With Stockstill helping Middle Tennessee to over 350 passing yards per game in the 2016 season you have to think the Blue Raiders will be able to make some big plays through the air. Keeping control of the turnovers is key for the Quarter Back but throwing the ball effectively will open up the running lanes for a team that averages 5.4 yards per carry.

Western Kentucky have been able to play the run effectively, but that might not matter if they can't stop anyone through the air and it looks like the Hilltoppers will be having to compete in another shoot out having combined for over 100 points against Louisiana Tech last week.

It will be tough for Western Kentucky to be able to run the ball effectively too but the key difference between these teams might be how well the Secondary units have performed. While the Hilltoppers will admit they need to improve defending the pass, Middle Tennessee have had success doing that and that could make all the difference in a potential shoot out.

There is no doubting the Western Kentucky will be able to throw the ball with Mike White who has plenty of experience from his time with South Florida. He has helped the Hilltoppers to 325 passing yards per game, but White has found himself under pressure behind this Offensive Line when playing on the road where the noise can cause issues, especially if they can't establish the run.

Both teams have had a hard time against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs but the difference was that Western Kentucky were outgained by double what Middle Tennessee were. With home advantage and the slightly better Defensive unit, I think the Blue Raiders can make the big plays to win this one at home and I will back them to cover the spread.

Western Michigan Broncos @ Akron Zips Pick: There is an outside chance for the Western Michigan Broncos to shock everyone and perhaps steal a spot in the Play Offs despite playing in the MAC Conference. They have opened the season with a 6-0 record which includes win at Northwestern and at Illinois, two Big Ten teams, and Western Michigan are a strong favourite to win this Conference from here on out.

This is one of the big tests remaining on the schedule as they visit the Akron Zips who are 2-0 in Conference play and a potential contender for a spot in the Championship Game. Western Michigan are coming off an emotional win over the Northern Illinois Huskies, a team who have dominated the Broncos and this MAC West Division, but I don't think PJ Fleck is going to allow his team to wallow in that glory for too long.

Fleck has made it clear he wants even more from Western Michigan and this is game that they will be expecting to win. The Broncos should be able to establish the run against the Akron Zips with their committee at Running Back finding a way to help Western Michigan average almost 250 yards per game on the ground although for the most part Akron have been a solid Defensive Line.

They did struggle against the triple option that Appalachian State use, but most teams would, although slowing down Zach Terrell might be a bigger test for the Zips. While Akron have been able to stop the run, their Secondary have given up almost 300 yards per game through the air and that won't bode well against a Quarter Back that is yet to throw an Interception and who has been well protected by his Offensive Line to give him the time to make plays downfield.

It is important that the Broncos find some way to move the chains on the ground too as that balance has been very important to their success this season. They can also be thankful to a very strong Defensive unit who have been able to limit what teams can do to them with under 350 total yards per game allowed, but also turn the ball over effectively.

Tra'Von Chapman is likely to get another start for Akron at Quarter Back and his mobility makes him a similar threat to Thomas Woodson who was the starting Quarter Back. However Chapman doesn't have the same experience as Woodson and he is going to be put under pressure by the Western Michigan pass rush which has managed to bring down the Quarter Backs they have faced.

The Broncos haven't offered a lot of space for teams to establish the run which means Chapman could be forced to make throws under pressure in the backfield and he will be throwing into a Secondary that have turned the ball over. This could be a key to the whole game as giving the Western Michigan Broncos extra possessions could see them quickly pull away from Akron in this big MAC Conference game.

These teams haven't met since 2011 and things have changed since Western Michigan blew out Akron twice in a row. I think this game will be closer, but the Broncos have big goals in mind and I believe they will ultimately create a turnover or two to pull away for a two Touchdown win on the road.

North Carolina Tar Heels @ Miami Hurricanes Pick: Last week I took the Florida State Seminoles with the points to beat the Miami Hurricanes, but the Miami players are going to be devastated that they went down because of a missed extra point to tie the game in the final minutes of that game. That now makes this a pivotal game in the ACC Coastal in deciding who is going to contend in this Division with Miami and the North Carolina Tar Heels coming in off Conference losses.

The Tar Heels are in a more difficult spot having been beaten by the Virginia Tech Hokies and another loss to a Divisional rival will likely mean they are going to fall short of their aims. However Miami can ill-afford a loss either as they are 1-1 in the Conference and Virginia Tech are sitting at 2-0 with a game between those teams set for next Thursday.

Miami can't look ahead to that game as they try and bounce back from the disappointment of Week 6. The Hurricanes players will feel they all need to improve by each individual unit on the team and that starts with the Offensive Line who have been strong all season but not been the most productive in recent games particularly last week against the Seminoles.

There is no doubt that the Offensive Line have a very good match up to turn things around against the Tar Heels who have given up almost 200 yards per game on the ground. Joseph Yearby and Mark Walton have been two of the most productive Running Backs in the nation and both will feel they can have a much stronger game than when being held to 39 yards each by the Seminoles.

Establishing the run is an important part of the Offense for Miami as it makes life a little easier for Brad Kaaya who is expected to make the transition to the NFL once his College career is over. Kaaya is a good Quarter Back but he is looking to bounce back from a back breaking Interception throw in the End Zone a week ago.

Unlike the Running Backs, Kaaya doesn't have as strong a match up against a solid Secondary that the Tar Heels have. However he might not need to make huge plays if Miami are running the ball and I think the Hurricanes will be able to do that and keep the chains moving on the Offensive side of the ball.

Miami's Defense are also looking to recover from a poor outing when they allowed the Florida State Seminoles to put up over 400 total yards last week, 120 yards more than their yards per game over the course of the season. It is going to be a challenge for the Hurricanes against the North Carolina rushing Offense which will be bolstered by the return of Elijah Hood, but Miami have shown they can limit the damage on the ground.

It might not matter if Mitch Trubisky can bounce back from a horrific showing against the Hokies in Week 6. Trubisky has helped North Carolina reach over 300 passing yards per game before last week when Virginia Tech held him to just 58 passing yards. That might be important for the Miami Hurricanes who have a Secondary that have played well and a Defensive Line which has produced a heavy pass rush who should be able to get past this Offensive Line and get to the Quarter Back.

There doesn't seem to be much reason to not expect North Carolina to make some big plays in this one, but I also think the Miami Defense can make some to ensure the Hurricanes win this game. Turnovers are going to be a key in the game, but Miami being able to run the ball should give them more balance Offensively which can be a difference maker in this big Division game.

Miami are playing with revenge having been embarrassed in Chapel Hill last year which should give them plenty of motivation after the loss to Florida State. I think they can make some big plays in the Fourth Quarter to finally pull away from the Tar Heels and I will back the Hurricanes to cover the spread.

Virginia Tech Hokies @ Syracuse Orange Pick: You can hear the disrespect that the Virginia Tech Hokies feel on a week by week basis as they have felt people have overlooked them in the ACC Conference. That might have had something to do with the loss to the Tennessee Volunteers in Week 2, but the Hokies have to be going into the rest of their schedule as the favourite to win the ACC Coastal.

Using the idea that people have been overlooking them should keep Virginia Tech focused in their first year under Justin Fuente who continues to show why he was such a coveted Head Coach after a strong showing with the Memphis Tigers.

Much of their success has been down to a very strong Defensive unit and Virginia Tech will feel they can shut down the Syracuse Offense who were held to just 9 points in their loss at Wake Forest last week. It will start with the Hokies Defensive Line who have not given up a lot of yards at all over their first five games and it is hard to see how Syracuse will be able to have much success when you think they have averaged just 3.4 yards per carry all season.

That is only going to put more pressure on Eric Dungey who has played very well for Syracuse but who is now going to play against a Secondary that have allowed 132 passing yards per game. The Hokies have created turnovers and have a fierce pass rush which is going to have Dungey under significant duress, but he has shown mobility to get away from that and might be able to make some gains with his legs.

Virginia Tech should have less issues moving the ball consistently with Jerod Evans showing he is capable of being an effective Quarter Back at this level. Evans has avoided the big mistakes and he has shown he can also make plays with his legs which has given the Virginia Tech Offense a real boost.

They are currently averaging over a Touchdown more than last season in terms of points per game and Evans should be given time to make throws against a Secondary that have allowed over 270 passing yards per game. Syracuse have gotten limited pressure on the Quarter Back and Evans is not making too many mistakes which should mean the Quarter Back has a solid outing again.

The Hokies have not been able to run the ball as effectively as they would want, but they are facing a Defensive Line which has given up 5 yards per carry. Even a limited run game will be good enough for Evans to make some plays and it is hard to see how Virginia Tech don't win this game easily enough.

However Virginia Tech have a very difficult game on Thursday coming up against the Miami Hurricanes and I don't think it is a far-fetched to think they might overlook a pretty poor Syracuse squad. Not to the point of losing, but asking the Hokies to cover and win by at least three Touchdowns might be too much for them despite the edge they seem to have on both sides of the ball.

The spot between North Carolina and Miami would have been difficult without the fact the Hurricanes game comes in five days time and I will take the points on the Orange to keep this one competitive.

Iowa State Cyclones @ Texas Longhorns Pick: It looks like being a long road back for Charlie Strong as the Head Coach of the Texas Longhorns now an exciting 2-0 start has become a 2-3 record including going 0-2 in the Big 12 Conference. While Strong remains positive by what he has seen from his Longhorns, it would be a big surprise if Texas decided to keep their Head Coach barring them running the table from here on out.

Texas were beaten in the Red River Rivalry a week ago but this looks a good chance to bounce back as they have revenge on their mind over the Iowa State Cyclones. The Cyclones embarrassed Texas with a shut out win at home last season, but they have lost every Big 12 game played since including going down to Oklahoma State Cowboys in Week 6.

Strong has taken over the play calling on the Defensive side of the ball although that didn't work out in the loss to the Sooners last week. However this is a Defense that have played better in their home games although it has to be said the numbers might be skewed by playing the overmatched UTEP team.

Texas have remained pretty stout against the run and it looks a tough outing for Mike Warren for the Cyclones. The Iowa State Offensive Line has struggled to open consistent holes for the Running Back anyway and they could find themselves in third and long spots on a fairly regular basis.

It might mean leaning on Joel Lanning to make plays at Quarter Back against a Texas Secondary that have given up almost 300 passing yards per game. Lanning didn't have to do a lot in his first start last season, which came against Texas, thanks to a strong running game in that one, but he will come in with confidence having helped the Cyclones average 250 yards per game through the air this season and after throwing 6 Touchdowns in his last three games.

The one issue for Iowa State if they can't establish the run is protecting Lanning- they have seen their Quarter Back pressured regularly this season and Texas have found an effective pass rush which might be enough to slow some drives this week.

The Longhorns have averaged 21 and then 26 points in the last two seasons since Charlie Strong took over as Head Coach, but their Offensive output has seen that number move all the way up to 41 points this season. D'Onta Foreman is coming off a career game at Running Back and he looks to have a really good match up again this week against the Cyclones Defensive Line who have allowed 5.2 yards per carry and 235 yards per game on the ground.

So while Iowa State might not be able to establish a consistent threat on the ground, Texas should be able to hand the ball off to Foreman for big gains, especially as Shane Buechele has shown he is an effective Quarter Back. Buechele has 11 Touchdowns and 4 Interceptions this season and he has proved he is a strong Quarter Back who Iowa State will have to respect and the balanced Offense can move the chains with more consistency than their opponents in my opinion.

The key for Texas is to look after the ball and try and earn a couple of extra possessions which is possible if they can continue to limit the damage that the Cyclones can do on the ground. The Longhorns have gone 17-1 in their game following the one with Oklahoma and the game against Iowa State last season should see Texas looking for some revenge.

I don't think they have quit on their Head Coach just yet either and limiting the mistakes should see Texas find a way to pull away in the second half for a two Touchdown win.

Stanford Cardinal @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pick: This was supposed to be a game where the winning team would put themselves in a strong position to be selected as a potential Play Off team. However both the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Stanford Cardinal have underachieved significantly this season and merely becoming Bowl eligible remains the last goal for the 2016 season which is only six weeks old.

Both teams head into Week 7 with poor form behind them. The Fighting Irish have dropped three of their last four games while the Cardinal are in off back to back blow out losses to Washington and Washington State which leaves them trailing in the Pac-12 North.

David Shaw should not be feeling too much pressure as the Head Coach of Stanford, but the final weeks of the season could be huge for Brian Kelly at Notre Dame. One of the key issues for Notre Dame has been an inability to run the ball effectively and that looks like it won't be changing much this week. It cost them the game in terrible conditions at NC State last week, but this week the Fighting Irish are facing a Defensive Line that have continued to be stout against the run despite giving up over 40 points twice in a row.

Some of that might be because the Secondary have been playing so badly that teams are happy to throw the ball against Stanford rather than try to pound the ball against their Defensive Line. That Defensive Line have helped to put pressure on the Quarter Back, and should have success against the Notre Dame Offensive Line, but even that pressure has not been good enough to prevent the Secondary giving up 250 passing yards per game through the season and 271 yards per game over the last three games.

The turnovers are not coming as frequently as they were and DeShone Kizer could have a strong outing as long as he looks after the ball.

The other side of the ball has been a bigger problem for Stanford because everyone in the nation knows what they want to do and that is get the ball to Christian McCaffrey as soon as possible and anywhere on the field. Unfortunately for Stanford it looks like McCaffrey is going to be banged up this week but that potentially works for them with the uncertainty around their Offense making them perhaps more dangerous.

Either way they would have had a difficult task establishing the run against Notre Dame as that has been a strength of the Fighting Irish Defensive unit. It won't be helped by Stanford's struggles to open holes behind this Offensive Line which lost two major pieces at the end of the last season and that means the pressure heaps onto Keller Chryst or Ryan Burns depending on who gets the start at Quarter Back.

Neither player has been able to light things up just yet and Stanford average under 170 passing yards per game while the Quarter Backs have perhaps been a little uncertain which has led to a staggering amount of Sacks. At least this week they are facing a team that has struggled to get to the Quarter Back, but the Notre Dame Secondary have shown some improvement since the opening weeks which will make it tough for Burns/Chryst to make throws downfield.

It is tough to see Stanford suddenly moving the chains with freedom and the poor Secondary play makes this a tough ask for them. The public haven't given up on the Cardinal as a team that have shown tremendous heart in recent seasons but they have already been blown out as the road underdog once this season. A blow out is unlikely in this one but I can see Notre Dame making enough plays on both sides of the ball to cover the number as they look for revenge for an ill-deserved loss to Stanford from last season.

The Fighting Irish have won four of the last five home games against Stanford and I will back them to recover from a poor showing in Week 6 to move a step closer to 0.500 for the season with a victory by seven points here.

Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles @ LSU Tigers Pick: This was a sad week for the LSU Tigers whose mascot Mike VI died after losing his battle with cancer. That should give the players a little more motivation to put a strong game together after an inadvertent bye week in Week 6 due to Hurricane Matthew.

The game with the Florida Gators has been rescheduled for November 19th in Baton Rouge, but you have to think the Tigers are chomping at the bit to get out there which doesn't bode well for the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles.

Ed Orgeron is the interim Head Coach for the Tigers heading into his second game in charge after the services of Les Miles were no longer required. Part of the criticism of the Miles era was the lack of sustained success on the Offensive side of the ball, but the LSU Tigers put up 42 points against Missouri in their first game under Orgeron.

It was the highest Offensive output in terms of yardage for the Tigers against an SEC team and the feeling is that they are going to back that up here against Southern Mississippi. Leonard Fournette is the star of the Offense, but the Running Back missed that game against Missouri and his absence in Week 7 should not prevent LSU earning huge gains on the ground.

Derrius Guice and Darrel Williams both played well in Fournette's absence in Week 5 and they are facing a Southern Mississippi team who have been gashed on the ground over their last three games at 6.3 yards per carry. The Golden Eagles have to be expecting a heavy dose of the run in this one, but I am not sure they will be able to cope against an SEC Offensive Line who have been producing huge games on the ground and should mean LSU rip off some big gains throughout this game.

Danny Etling is likely to get another start at Quarter Back but he won't have to do a lot more than hand off the ball and then make some plays in play-action down the field. Etling has previous experience as a Quarter Back with Purdue and the match up should be one he can deal with this week against an overmatched Defense that might be catching their breath each time LSU run the ball down their throat.

The question for the Golden Eagles is not if they lose, but whether they can make this a competitive game. It is difficult when playing teams from the SEC because they can take away the run game and make Offenses one dimensional, particularly those that don't play in one of the big Power 5 Conferences. Southern Mississippi can't expect much change out of a Defensive Line that have given up just 3 yards per carry over the course of the season against much better teams than Southern Mississippi.

Nick Mullins should be able to make some plays, but he is going to be under intense pressure from the pass rush LSU can generate and he has also been guilty of turning the ball over. It isn't going to be easy to make plays from third and long all evening against a team that will be fired up after being off last week and I think that is going to lead to the Tigers earning extra possessions which can help them cover this number.

It is a big spread, but the Tigers should be playing with plenty of motivation and can show another strong Offensive output to cover this number.

MY PICKS: Georgia Bulldogs - 13.5 Points @ 1.91 Sky Bet (1 Unit)
Clemson Tigers - 17.5 Points @ 2.00 Paddy Power (1 Unit)
Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders - 2.5 Points @ 1.86 William Hill (1 Unit)
Western Michigan Broncos - 12 Points @ 1.91 Sky Bet (1 Unit)
Miami Hurricanes - 7 Points @ 1.95 Ladbrokes (1 Unit)
Syracuse Orange + 19.5 Points @ 1.95 Paddy Power (1 Unit)
Texas Longhorns - 13.5 Points @ 1.95 Betfair Sportsbook (1 Unit)
Notre Dame Fighting Irish - 3 Points @ 1.95 Ladbrokes (1 Unit)
LSU Tigers - 25 Points @ 1.91 Sky Bet (1 Unit)

Week 6: 7-1-1, + 5.35 Units (9 Units Staked, + 59.44% Yield)
Week 5: 2-7-1, - 5.14 Units (10 Units Staked, - 51.40% Yield)
Week 46-3, + 2.59 Units (9 Units Staked, + 28.78% Yield)
Week 34-6, - 2.23 Units (10 Units Staked, - 22.3% Yield)
Week 24-5, - 1.32 Units (9 Units Staked, - 14.67% Yield)
Week 16-5, + 0.58 Units (11 Units Staked, + 5.27% Yield)

Season 201629-27-2, - 0.17 Units (58 Units Staked, - 0.00% Yield)

Season 201587-77-2, + 2.77 Units (166 Units Staked, + 1.67% Yield)
Season 201475-82-2, - 13.39 Units (172 Units Staked, - 7.78% Yield)
Season 201365-49-2, + 8.49 Units (124 Units Staked, + 6.85% Yield)
Season 201254-59-1 - 7.11 Units (114 Units Staked, - 6.24% Yield)

Season 201163-36, + 23.25 Units (99 Units Staked, + 23.5% Yield)

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